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Below is an example of a given week.

Below is this week’s programming.  We are starting off the week with a strength day where we want you to find an approximate heavy single on the back squat.  DO NOT GO TO FAILURE.  We want you to walk away from the workout knowing you had a little left in the tank.  We just want an approximate 1 Rep Max so you can use percentages of that number during the weekly squat session over the next 7-8 weeks.

Tuesday’s workout is the classic, Mixed Modal CrossFit type workout that we did on Friday, April 16. We aren’t aiming at only getting a “better” score, although we think it can and will happen.  We want this to be a lesson in pacing your workout, something ALL of us can continue to get better at.  After all, the goal of our workouts on a Macro-level, when it comes to conditioning-based training, is to get the most amount of work done in the least possible time.  If you’re up for the challenge, we want you to create a per-round pace based on your time from April 16.  We will help you with that in more detail below.  This will likely make you start slower but give you the ability to maintain intensity and hopefully allow you to push hard at the end.  This will be very individual-based and yes, you are going to have to put some time and thought into this yourself prior to coming in.  If this is a repeat for you, get your time from 4/16 and come up with the amount of time each round took on average (Time or Rounds divided by 10).  You are then going to use that number as a gauge when to start each round (it will likely be easy for the first half of the workout).

Here is an example:

If the workout took you 20 Minutes to complete all 10 rounds, you will start a new round every 2 minutes.  This won’t be hard early on, so the goal here is to move at a smooth and repeatable pace.  This will keep you mentally in tune with your body which can and likely will enable better, cleaner, and safer movement.  From there, you should be able to put the foot on the gas more so than last time when you get to those final 2 rounds.

Here is an APPROXIMATE chart to work off of:

20:00 – every 2 minutes

19:00 – every 1:54

18:00 – every 1:48

17:00 – every 1:42

16:00 – every 1:36

15:00 – every 1:30

14:00 – every 1:24

13:00 – every 1:18

12:00 – every 1:12

9 Rounds: every 2:13

8 Rounds: every 2:30

7 Rounds: every 2:51

6 Rounds: every 3:20

*I know this kind of approach and planning is not for everyone.  It does not need to be.  However, at some point I think learning how to actually pace using objective information can really help anyone and everyone fitness whether you are a die-hard or you’re here to check the box.  Occasionally (or all the time) working out like this can be beneficial in so many ways that’s go far beyond “your score”.  It is a safer way to go about this, plain and simple.  Would love to see you guys try this!




Part 1:

 2 Sets (not for time)

 250 M Row

10 Alternating Step Ups

10 Bulgarian Split Squats (5 R / 5 L)

Part 2:




Back Squat

*Start a new set every 2 minutes

*Aim to feel out a 1 rep max so we can approach percentage squatting more efficiently.  This is not meant for you to reach a 1 RM, just get a feel.  Leave some in the tank



10 Rounds

3 Clean and Jerks

6 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

9 Bart Facing Burpees

*Yes, this is a repeat from Thursday, April 15.  We have a specific plan if this is a repeat for you.



50 Air Squats

10 Strict Press (45/35)

40 Air Squats

15 Strict Press

30 Air Squats

20 Strict Press

20 Air Squats

25 Strict Press

10 Air Squats

30 Strict Press

Rest 3 Minutes, then right in to

50 Step Ups (24/20)

10 Push Ups

40 Step Ups

15 Push Ups

30 Step Ups

20 Push Ups

20 Step Ups

25 Push Ups

10 Step Ups

30 Push Ups





Toes to Bar

*25 Double Unders after every set

*8 Minute Cap


14 Minutes to find heavy complex:

 3 Deadlifts + 2 Hang Power Cleans (no squats)



Every 8:00 for 3 Sets

800 M Run OR 1,000/800 M Row

24 Wall Balls

24 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/25)

12 Wall Balls

12 Plate Ground to Overhead

*7 Minute Cap each set

*Score is your slowest set


 “Barbara Ann + Andi” Mash

 In Teams of 2 (1 working / 1 resting)

 20 Handstand Push Ups

30 Deadlifts (135/95)

40 Sit Ups

50 Double Unders

100 Hang Snatch (65/45)

 —-1 Minute Rest—–

20 Handstand Push Ups

30 Deadlifts (135/95)

40 Sit Ups

50 Double Unders

100 Push Press (65/45)

 —–1 Minute Rest

 20 Handstand Push Ups

30 Deadlifts (135/95)

40 Sit Ups

50 Double Unders

100 Sumo DL High Pull (65/45)

——1 Minute Rest

 20 Handstand Push Ups

30 Deadlifts (135/95)

40 Sit Ups

50 Double Unders

100 Front Squats (45/35)

 *35 Minute Cap (Good luck)