Part 1:

Every 2:00 / 5 Sets 

10 Back Squats

*Aim for weights between 50-70%

Part 2:

8 Minute AMRAP

5 Shoulder to Overhead (155/95) – from the ground

5 Burpees 


10 Back Squats with an extra breath at the top can take north of 30-40 seconds. You won’t be getting enough rest here to get near a 10 rep max or anything near it. Don’t go down that path. Just feel a decent enough weight that makes you really focus on solid, stable positioning over and over. Part 2 is going to get heavy enough where you really don’t need to approach the burpees with high intensity. You are going to feel this everywhere and 8 minutes with 2 movements will feel long. Take a few extra breaths early on before picking that bar up.