Liz had never been in a gym until she stepped into CrossFit in May 2014. She had no idea that a CrossFit gym looked any different than your typical globo gym. That day she put her last cigarette out in the parking lot and did a free trial class. She never looked back. She joined. She lost 40 pounds in the first year and it was becoming visually noticeable that there was a superior athlete evolving before our eyes. Dedication and passion for CrossFit ensued. She loved it and lived it. It started with Push-ups, then pull-ups and soon after…muscle-ups. As exceptional an athlete as Liz is it was also noticeable that her love for helping others was even more important to her. After seeing her help members physically and emotionally day in and day out we knew she had to be on our coaching staff. If you join Bison you will meet Liz and you will become friends with her. Liz now coaches a large percentage of our classes and she has not lost an ounce of passion for the sport. We are lucky to have her as a coach and you will be lucky to have her as your coach.

CrossFit Level I Trainer