Like many high school athletes, I was an extremely athletic kid who gravitated towards a variety of sports throughout high school, including gymnastics, snowboarding and soccer. But once high school ended, so did many of my activities, leaving my once athletically occupied social life with a complete void. Through my search for something competitively fulfilling that offered variety and camaraderie, I found CrossFit, where my gymnastics background proved to be extremely beneficial. CrossFit Hoboken is where it all started in 2013, and now CrossFit Bison is where I continue to nourish my passion to not only better myself, but to also better my Bison Beasts! I may be a part of Bison’s foundation, but our athletes are what have grown that foundation into an awesomely thriving community that I am so lucky to be a part of. There’s no other gym like CrossFit Bison, I can promise you that!

CrossFit Level I Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer