I began CrossFit with a few friends in 2007 while on a military deployment to Iraq. We had limited equipment, no coach, and we were the only ones doing CrossFit on the base, but we were all hooked by the challenge and constantly varied movements.  Fast forward through garage gym WODs to 2012 for a third deployment in Afghanistan and CrossFit had grown exponentially.  The base had its own CrossFit Box and it was there I had the first opportunity to coach classes on my down time. I’ve witnessed firsthand how CrossFit can physically and mentally improve not only myself, but Soldiers, family and friends as well.

After the military I found a job in law enforcement and have been blessed to be able to continue coaching at CrossFit Bison.  The community and reputation at CrossFit Bison is beyond reproach.  I’m am constantly humbled by the kindness, athleticism, and intestinal fortitude of every member that walks in the door.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer