Growing up in Allendale, I was active in soccer, baseball, track, martial arts, swimming, and ice hockey. Throughout high school and college, I maintained a workout regiment at the local gym but was still not satisfied with my fitness level. After college and moving to Hoboken, I was able to find a group of like-minded people that wanted to be the best version of themselves. It was at this point that fitness became a huge part of my life. What initially drew me to CrossFit was the high intensity and constant variation of the workouts. Never knowing what the next day would bring, be it gymnastics, sprinting, distance running, or heavy weightlifting, keeps me invested. What I did not expect was to find such and amazing community of people at CrossFit Bison. The coaches and other members are constantly providing encouragement and feedback, which is essential to keeping an athlete on track. I have since dedicated myself to learning and practicing fitness in all aspects of my life. I hope to share this knowledge with the members of the Bison community.

CrossFit Level I Trainer