As a plastic surgeon, human anatomy and physiology is my daily work. However, modern medicine focuses on acute problems. General health and fitness is often ignored. I may have degrees from Duke University (go Blue Devils!) and Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons, but that training was of no help to my health, which was worsening the busier I got.

I began at CrossFit Bison in 2014 seeking more than an aimless gym machine and treadmill experience. After a week, I knew the intensity and the varied programming of CrossFit was perfect. In fact, medicine has now embraced high intensity interval training, which has transformed current concepts of fitness and healthy living.

While the CrossFit training was impactful, what was more life-changing was the CrossFit Bison community. The coaches at CrossFit Bison are supportive, friendly, and dedicated to making everyone’s fitness experience positive and better. While there are many CrossFit locations, there are few like CrossFit Bison that have the programming expertise, dedication to athletes of any level, and relentless focus on improvement. After obtaining my CrossFit Level I Certification in 2017, I have been honored to be part of this singular group.

My interests include workout recovery, injury prevention, and CrossFit Masters, but the best aspect of coaching is the constant learning – how to make our athletes excel and how to advance as a coach. CrossFit Bison is a superior place for beginners and elite athletes unlike any other.

CrossFit Level 2 Certified