Every 3 Minutes for 8 Sets 

On a 2:30 Clock

Person 1: Row 350/250 M Row as fast as possible


Person 2: Max Reps *

30 Seconds Rest, then switch roles 

Sets 1 and 2: Alternating Hang DB Clean and Jerk 

Sets 3 and 4: Double KB/DB Front Squat 

Sets 5 and 6: Alternating Hang DB Clean and Jerk 

Sets 7 and 8: Double DB/KB Front Squat 


Know this: You are going to be at the max rep portion for longer than you think and the truest challenge will be not letting the weights hit the ground. Also know this: You are only getting a 30 second rest until you have to go hard on the rower for about a a minute BUT you will get a solid 3+ minute rest after that. Stay in it mentally.



  1. 1-2 minutes of thoracic rotations
  2. Row 300/250 M at easy pace then stretch low back/hips
  3. 3 Tempo Goblet Squats + 6 Air Squats
  4. 6 Air Squats + 3 Double KB/DB Squats
  5. 3 High Pulls + 3 Hang Clean and Jerks (each arm)
  6. Row 300/250 M at hard pace