5 Rounds

10 Hang DB Snatch (R)

10 Hang DB Snatch (L)

8 DB Overhead Lunge (R)

8 DB Overhead Lunge (L)

6 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24)


The goal here is to not put the dumbbell down with each round. This should be a relatively quick, aggressive workout. Nothing before, nothing after. Train the ability to go after something hard from the beginning while maintaining a consistent pace. If you have the space to make the lunges walking, do it. Can anyone break 10:00?



  1. 10 M Crab Walk + 10 M Bear Crawl (slow)
  2. Stretch and mobilize quads/low back
  3. 10 M Crab Walk + 10 M Bear Crawl (medium)
  4. Stretch and mobilize hamstrings / thoracic
  5. 10 M Crab Walk + 10 M Bear Crawl (fast)
  6. 5 Hang DB Snatch High Pulls (R and L) + 5 DB Push Press (R and L)
  7. 4 Hang DB Snatch (R and L) + 2 DB Overhead Lunges (R and L) + 3 Burpee Box Jump Overs