Every 5:00 for 5 Sets 

400 M Run 

10 Wall Balls 

10 Hang Power Cleans *

*Record heaviest weight and the time of that set

*Work must be done in under 4:00

*Build the barbell each set, make it heavy but you should be able to string AT LEAST 2 reps together at a time.

*Recommend you start at or above 50%


The intensity and approach are both important here. We want consistent rates on the run, leave a little in the tank at the start. We want unbroken wall balls. And lastly, we want Hang Cleans that are climbing in weight with consistent movement. You DO NOT need to be unbroken every set, but stay away from weight that leads to failure and/or singles.



  1. 10 Laying Down Punter Kicks + 10 Reverse Scorpions (R and L)
  2. 20 M Butt Kicker + 20 M Duck Walks – 2x
  3. Jog 200 M + Run 200 M (increase speed on back end)
  4. Stretch and mobilize front rack
  5. 5 Good Mornings + 5 MB Squats -2x
  6. Stretch ans mobilize hips
  7. Jog 200 M + Run 200 M (faster than previous)
  8. Hit 2-3 Cleans at your first 3 intended weights