5 Rounds

3 Minutes

400 M Run

Max Cal Row

Rest 3 Minutes

*Record total cals


Be sure to test out the 400 M Run prior to the workout to ensure it can be done in under 2 minutes early on. If it slows down later, that is fine. But we want these runs done at an intense rate with close to a minute (give or take) of rowing.



  1. 20/16 Cal Row (easy) – Rest 1 Minute – 20/16 Cal Row (hard)
  2. Stretch and mobilize hamstrings / calves
  3. 200 M Run (easy) – Rest 1 Minute – 200 M Run (hard)
  4. Stretch and mobilize low back and hips
  5. 400 M Run (hard) goal is to be done under 2:00. If not, shorten run in workout.