In teams of 2


Weighted Alternating Step Ups 

Strict Handstand Push Ups 

400 M run together after every set

*If solo, cut reps in half


300 rep workout (split down the middle) will ask you to give 150 reps plus the runs. Overall volume isn’t too high but these reps are gonna be tough. Control your rate and don’t hesitate to scale the range of motion on HSPU if you can’t do 3-4 reps in a row at any point.



  1. 3 Rounds: 10 Lunges + 10 Second Handstand Hold
  2. Roll/mobilize thoracic and lats
  3. Jog 200 M
  4. Stretch/mobilize quads and groin
  5. 200 M Run + 10 Weighted Step Ups + 5 Strict HSPU