In Teams of 2 

Or if you have an entire day to yourself…done solo!


3 Rounds 

1,000 M Row 

50 Burpees 

50 Box Jumps 

800 M Run 


One of the longer bodyweight Crossfit Hero workouts that exist! I think it REALLY helps to go in to this one with a specific goal, and then you can simply break each movement down two create a realistic pace off of. Remember the number one rule about hero WODs…You are not allowed to complain. Get it done…then know you get to enjoy a holiday weekend.



  1. Row 200 M + Run 200 M – 2 rounds (second one faster)
  2. Stretch and mobilize calves / feet
  3. 5 Burpees + 5 Box Jumps – 2 rounds (second one faster)
  4. Stretch and mobilize hips and hamstrings