Part 1:

5 Sets

7 Strict Press

14 Bent Over Alternating KB/DB Pendlay Row

Part 2:


4 DB Clean and Jerk (R)

24 Double Unders

4 DB Clean and Jerk (L)

24 Double Unders

*Add 2 Clean and Jerks (to each arm) every set


We want volume in Part 1 – don’t go in thinking you have to add weight every set. Don’t go to failure. Part 2 is sure to test your efficiency on the rope and hip extension on the DB. Save those shoulders by doing things by the book early on.



  1. Roll out your mid-to-upper back with hands above your head. Shift weight left and right a few times to work the lats.
  2. 2 Sets of 5 Scap Push Ups + 10 Scorpions
  3. Mobilize and stretch wrists
  4. AMRAP 3: 5 Strict Press (45/35) + 15 Double Unders