Part 1:


Strict Press


Push Press

*Challenging, but not max efforts

Part 2:

3 Rounds

12 Walking DB OH Lunge (R)

12 Walking DB OH Lunge (L)

24 Sit Ups

12 Handstand Push Ups


We are going to be working on overhead pressing strength over the next few weeks. Don’t go crazy here. You can likely start the Push Press sets where you end the Strict Press. The Metcon’s aim is to be as close to unbroken as possible.



-Roll up and down the lats with a lacrosse ball or foam roller (20-30 seconds each side)

-100 ft OH Carry (Plate)

-50 Ft walking Lunge

-Repeat, except roll out the triceps this time

-Tempo Strict Press (3 seconds up 2 second hold 3 seconds down) – 5-7 reps

-Stretch wrists

-3 Sets x 4 reps of Push Press. Do this at your first 3 weights you intend to hit on the Strict Press