Every 6:00 for 4 Sets

800 M Run

30 KB Swings (53/35) OR 30 Hang KB Snatch (15 R / 15 L)

*Record time of each round – try to be consistent (pace the beginning)

*If you’re back is sore from Monday WOD – change KB Swings to Cal Row


Try to gauge how long this 800 M run is going to take before the workout. The goal should be to NOT put that KB down. Pace the first round more than you think and try to match that score all 4 rounds.


Suggested Warm Up

2 Minute light jog OR row OR Bike

10 Cossack Squat (5 R / 5 L) – go slow

5 Press Ups in to Downward Dog – Go Slow

1 Minute medium jog OR row OR bike

10 Russian KB Swing

5 Alternating Pigeon Pose – each side

30 Second fast run OR row OR bike

Stretch / roll out calves + feet + hamstrings