Part 1:

"Death By"

Toes to Bar (increase by 2 reps each round)

*Start at 2 reps, go up by 2 each round.

*If/when you reach failure, finish the Death By with Sit Ups or Leg Raises

Part 2:

3 Rounds

500 M Run

20 One-Arm Hang DB Clean and Jerks (choose weight)

*10 on each each arm, can be broken up however you want

*14 Minute Cap


"Death By" workouts are never hard early on, but they get ear impossible towards the end.  Be aware of where you breaking point is and what your plan is when that time comes.  Singles?  Sets of 2?  How long do you rest between sets?  Part 2, pick a weight that is manageable to do at least 5 in a row at time, if not more.  Push the pace on the runs, it won't impact your clean and jerks much.