2 Rounds

12 Thrusters (105/70)

12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

2 Minute Rest

3 Rounds 

8 Thrusters

8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

2 Minute Rest

4 Rounds 

6 Thrusters

6 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

*24 Minute Cap

*Scale the weight up or down to a weight you think you may be able to do thrusters unbroken.


*Here is a chance to test your knowledge of your work capacity: pick a weight at which you can sustain unbroken thrusters.  Each mini-workout should be performed at max effort – can you choose the correct weight so that you can complete the workout as prescribed and also be lying on the floor?  Extra focus on proper warm-up and activation today – perfect that front rack position to the point where it is comfortable!