3 Rounds

2:00 on / 2:00 off

25 Air Squats 

20 Sit Ups

Max Rep Burpee Muscle Ups OR Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups 

*Scale = Burpee Jumping Pull Up

right in to, 

3 Rounds 

2:00 on / 2:00 off

20/16 Cal Row (sprint)

Max Rep Burpees over Barbell or Rower 


Scale the pre-Max Rep movement(s) to something you can do in 1:20 or less.  We want a lot of urgency on those, sprint-type approach.  The burpee pull up or muscle up is tricky.  You can't string anything together and you can only go so fast.  Concentrate on being as clean rhythmic as possible.  On the row/burpee…try hard.  Really hard.