Part 1:

3 Rounds for Max Total Reps

:40 on / :20 transition

DB Cleans (choose weight)

Box Jumps (24/20)

DB Snatch (choose weight)

KB Lunges (53/35) – Reverse to Forward or Walking


*If you want to avoid lunges, replace with step ups//bulgarian split squats/cal row/cal bike/sit ups/double under.  Choose one.

Part 2:

EMOM 8 (optional)

3 Clean and Jerks

*Reccomened Weight 50-70%


Barbell Class (815pm)

*TBD: Based on CrossFit Open 18.1 movements released tonight at 8pm*


*Move well – that is all.  Tomorrow begins your 5-week fitness benchmark test.  Today is a good day to be in the gym ahead of Week 1 of the CrossFit Open.  Fire up your muscles and cool them down properly.