Part 1:

Every 1:45 for 7 Sets

5 Front Squats 

8 Box Jumps (30/24)

*Each set must be done in under 1 minute

*Go heavy

Part 2:

5 Sets

120 Foot Overhead Carry OR Front Rack Carry OR Farmers Carry

*Rest 1 Minute.  


Strength day, but with a little icing on the top.  All 7 sets should be heavy in Part 1, this will be a lot of intense work in a short amount of time.  Aim to start around 70+% of your 1 RM Squat Clean, and see if you can stay there or add as you go.  The jumps are going to be very hard, concentrate. Scale the height if you are unsure.  The carries are basically from rig to rig, and back.  Don't stop it.  Keep your core very engaged.