Part 1:

12-15 Minutes to Find Heaviest:

2 Thrusters + 2 Push Press + 4 Front Squats

*Off rack, must be unbroken.


This is a very difficult complex that may take a couple extra warm up sets to get used to. More important than the load, is how accurate you can be with the barbell on the way down to ensure proper position, a vital but often overlooked component to the Thruster.

Part 2:


Bar Facing Burpees

Thrusters (55-60% of Part 1)


45 Bar Facing Burpees and 45 thrusters. You're approach here is a steady, non-stop pace on the burpees and unbroken thrusters.  Don't be afraid to push the weight a little. Sprint too early, and it will end ugly.

*12 Minute Cap



A) EMOM 10:
6 hang power cleans @ 40%

B) EMOM 10:

4 push jerks @ 30-40%