Tuesday – August 1

Part 1:20 Minute EMOM2 Push Press1 Push Jerk1 Split Jerk*Start at 50+% of 1 RM Push Press, add weight every 2-4 sets if possilblePart 2:5 SetsSprint 100 M OR 15 Second Max Cal BikeRest 20 seconds 

Monday – July 31

Part 1:5 Minute EMOM2 Squat Cleans 5 Minute EMOM1 Squat CleanPart 2:"Nasty Girls"3 Rounds50 Air Squats7 Muscle Ups (Scale 14 Pull Ups/14 Push Ups)10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)*18 Minute Cap

Saturday – July 29

In Teams of 2 (BOTH ARE WORKING AT THE SAME TIME)10 Minute AMRAP Timekeeper: 200 M RunWhile other partner does the AMRAP:10 KB Swings (53/35)10 Wall Balls (20/14)*Partners must tag when switching 5 Minute Rest, then10 Minute AMRAPTimekeeper: 250/200 M...

Friday – July 28

For Time:20 Rounds5 Deadlifts (165/105)3 Hang Power Cleans (165/105)2 Shoulder to Overhead (165/105)*30 Minute Cap*Weight should not be more than 75% of your 1 RM Clean and Jerk