Thursday – December 17

Part 1:15 Minute EMOMPower CleanPush JerkSplit JerkPart 2:5 x 5Deadlift OR Back SquatORStretch for 15 Minutes*If you're feeling beat up from the past few days, opt for the extra stretching time.  Back to strength next week.

Wednesday – November 30

From 0:00 – 10:00 100 Push Ups for time*200/150 M row every 2 minutes, including beginning of workout.From 12:00 – 22:0075 Box Jumps (24/20) for time*20 Strict Press (45/35) every 2 minutes, including beginning of workoutFrom 24:00-34:0050 Weighted Sit Ups...

Tuesday – November 29

Part 1:2 SetsMax Rep Unbroken Pull Ups OR Chest to Bar Pull Ups*Rest 2 minutes between sets.  Someone will count for you.  Your score will be the total amount.*We will have scaling options for those that don't have pull ups yetPart 2:21-15-9Air SquatsKB...

Monday – November 28

Every 5 Minutes for 20+ Minutes (5 rounds)400 M run15 Hang Power Cleans (115/75)5 Bar Facing Burpees*Record fastest and slowest rounds*Runs should be "sprint" style*Weight should be something you can Hang Clean 10+ times unbroken

Saturday – November 26

In Teams of 2 (1 working/1 resting)25 Minute AMRAP20 Deadlifts (155/95)20 Toes to Bar OR Weighted Sit Ups (25/15)15/12 Calorie Row30 Push Ups10 Hang Power Cleans (155/95)200 M Run*Deadlift bar and Clean bar must be same weight.  You should be able to string...