Bison Benchmark #4

15 Minutes to find:

2 Rep Max Back Squat

3 Minute transition

12 Minutes to find:

1 Rep Max Clean

3 Minute Transition

7 Minutes to find:

3 Rep Max Strict Press


  • A quick note about today’s benchmark.  We are going to put a lot of attention towards strength over the next 7-8 weeks.  No, we aren’t trying to get you “bigger”.  And no, we aren’t getting away from the metcons.  But today, we measure some really important lifts that we want to improve on as a gym,  We’re excited to show you how simply being a stronger crossfit athlete can bring you closer to your fitness goals no matter what they may be.  
  • One more thing….if you cannot make it in for the Benchmark, we will allow you to get it done Wednesday September 17 at 7:15 PM or 8:15 PM.