4 Rounds

21 Double Unders
15 Clean and Jerks 135/95
9 Bar Facing Burpees


Yes.  This IS the same exact workout from just 7 days ago.  We want to throw a curveball at you beasts to see how you respond.  Can you improve your time from last week?  We haven’t had a long enough time to improve the subtle skills and strategies of the workout and we certainly have not strengthened our cleans and/or jerks.  So where can the improvement come from?


Many of you understand by now how mental these workouts can be.  If your mind isn’t focused on the WOD, it will chew you up without mercy and leave you wondering what just happened.  We preach confidence and “good thoughts” as I always say….trying to stay away from the negativity that loves to creep its way in to your head once the muscles start to ache and your breathing patterns are made more difficult.  This is an enormous test to your mental toughness.  This WOD really beat a lot of us up last week, and I’m not so sure it was all physical.  Bring in a positive mindset and watch what happens.  Let’s kill this thing together.  


And don’t forget…nobody cleans up their equipment until EVERYONE is done with the WOD!  No questions asked.