20 Minute AMRAP

200 M Run

10 Ring Dips

10 Ring Rows

30 Double Unders

*Ring Dips can be replaced with deficit push ups

*Ring Rows can be replaced with Barbell Rows


The upcoming weekend schedule is tentatively set:

Friday July 4:

9 AM

10:30 AM

Saturday July 5:

8:30 AM

10 AM

**ALL** Please use the whiteboard near the front of the workout space sign up for these classes.  We will be more than willing to add classes to either, or both, days if the classes begin to fill up.  Ideally we will keep each class under 10-12, but we CAN go over a little bit on Friday.  Please don’t hesitate to request additional or replacement times for these classes if you have a tight schedule.  Again…these class times are tentative and may be slightly changed based on what you beasts need.  Thanks!