Part 1:

For Time:

Row 1,000 M

Rest 2 Minutes

Row 500 M

Rest 1 Minute

Row 250 M

Part 2:

3 Rounds

40 Double Unders

40 Sit Ups

40 Side-to-Sides

*12 Minute Cap

Part 3:

8 Minute AMRAP

200 M Run

10 Box Jumps


*All: Tuesday is THE day.  If you need the extra day off, take it.  We want you feeling as good as possible for attempt two at the Bison Benchmark.  If you feel fresh, come in and do this WOD.  It won’t beat you up and it will prevent you from getting stiff if you have some soreness lingering from last week.  Sleep well, eat right, and hydrate all day today!  Don’t hesitate to tell your bosses/co-workers/family that the earth revolves around you today as you prepare for the benchmark.  They will totally understand.