Nice Elbows Matt!

2 Rounds

3 Minutes on, 2 Minutes Rest

Row Calories (30/24)

Max Push Ups

2 Rounds

3 Minutes On, 2 Minutes Rest

Run 200 M

Max Box Jump Overs (24/20)

2 Rounds

3 Minutes On, 2 Minutes Rest

25 Toes to Bar 

Max Double Unders


*This is a high volume workout without any weight.  We will treat each couplet as it’s own workout, meaning we will go over the movements 2 at a time so that it isn’t too overwhelming at the start of class and to provide you with a solid 4-5 minute break between couplets.  

*If you are having issues with allergies (it’s really bad right now, I know) you can replace the running portion of the WOD with something else.